You’re planning your business journey from now through to success. You’re sitting there with your business partners, discussing what needs to be done and the order things need to be done in. You’re not ‘doing’ it today, you’re ‘planning’ to do; tomorrow you can start putting things into practice. Now, you’re trying to agree what’s going in the plan, when you’re going to do it and who’s going to be responsible for making sure it gets done. This is the next topic:

Agree Your Business Model

For any business to be successful it will have to find a suitable and sustainable business model that enables it to generate profitable income and grow. The business model should describe how the company expects to make money from its operations, who is paying for what and when. Do we need to agree our business model?

Tell us what you think

If you are a start-up, are you clear about your business model? Have you tested it to confirm that money can be made in the way you predict? Why not post a comment below and share your thoughts about how you went about it and what you would recommend others do.

Here’s something from us

If you are looking for a tool that helps you get your head around the value creation model for your business then a great place to start is the Business Model Canvas. There’s a lot of thinking gone into this and a great community to tap into. There are tools to download and an iPad app, which works very well. There’s also a lean version of it that enables you to create your own Models online – that’s here are

MAPP Start-Up involves making sense of dozens of questions like this one; many of which might be important in your business start-up. It is a structured approach for you and your team to discuss, debate and argue about your strategy to achieve success. The process creates alignment between you all about the steps in your journey, agreeing who is going to do what and when. We are continually seeking new insights into the questions start-ups ask themselves and the answers they come up with. Find out more here