As the ripples of the Government’s latest attempt to get the economy moving last week die away, I was interested to see that the basic premise of the new campaign ‘THERE’S A BUSINESS IN EVERYONE. WHAT’S THE BUSINESS IN YOU?’ is that all we need to do is to wake up the innate entrepreneur in everyone and get them to create a business that can support him/herself and perhaps others too.

Now having worked with 15-21 year-olds for over 10 years, looking at employment skills and attitudes I totally agree that creating your own job (my personal definition of what an entrepreneur is and does) is something that should be given equal careers billing alongside working for any medium and large organisation.

Alas, the reality is that starting your own business which using some non-scientific research probably involves less than half of one percent of the working population, is not something that is seen to be natural for many of us.

So perhaps the truth is that actually there are many more entrepreneurs than we suspect, especially if we take into account everyone who provides their services on short-term contracts like freelancers, locums, supply staff, contractors etc. and also include people who run post offices, market stalls, ebay stores and the like. What is more likely is that they just don’t see themselves as entrepreneurs just people running a small business.

In the end I wish the Government, and by tenuous connection all the rest of us, the best of luck with this new initiative with the knowledge that if we all created one new job each, the problem with unemployment would be too few applicants not too many.