“So what are you doing to support enterprise this year?” came the question and caught me a little on the hop. As a company we’re heavily involved in supporting and stimulating enterprise and entrepreneurship. That’s what we do.

But my questioner wasn’t asking whether we were doing ‘more of the same’. She wanted to know what we were going to do differently this year in response to the Prime Minister’s recent speech in Leeds. He was at the ‘Business Start-Up Britain’ conference and he laid down a challenge to all of us to ‘go for it’ in 2012:

“This is the country that led the agricultural revolution, that led the industrial revolution, that helped to kick start the technological revolution. We’re the country that invented the jet engine, DNA, the World-Wide Web, Viagra – almost everything you think of, most of the sports you’ve ever heard of. We’re the country that sells tea to China, vodka to Poland and yes, cheese to France. Enterprise is what we do in Britain so this is the year that more than ever we’ve got to go for it …. and with all your help, that is exactly what we’ll do.”

So, other than ‘more of the same’, what are you doing to ‘go for it’ this year? Working ‘harder’ or ‘smarter’? More innovation or cutting costs? Increasing productivity or outsourcing? New product or new market? Is 2012 the year you are going to go for it!?

[I met my questionner at the Antenna Media Centre, Nottingham. If you don’t know Antenna, then check them out here. ‘Run by creatives, for creatives. Antenna understand the kind of industry-relevant support that businesses need.’]