In the midst of all the gloom it seems unfair that a total success story goes uncelebrated. So yesterday I read about how the UK has become the world’s third largest exporter of lamb after Australia and New Zealand, according to the English Beef and Lamb Executive EBLEX .

Now I have absolutely nothing to do with farming, but there appears to be some magic going on here that we might all learn from – sheep meat exports up 11% last year with imports down 13% and a positive trade balance of 10,500 tonnes.

And where are the most successful markets? Despite all our differences it seems that the French like our lamb the most, taking 60% of the total export volume. Other markets include Switzerland, Norway, South Africa and the Congo(!), with key target markets lining up as China, Russia and the Middle East (take a look at their slick export site here).

The question that comes to mind is just how an industry, still presumably recovering from the debris of Foot and Mouth (weren’t the French the first to ban our meat?), has managed to become the largest in the EU managing to drive exports to global markets?

All I can assume is that there are some keen minds in the engine rooms around the country, innovating and creating exceptional products that the world wants to buy at an appropriate margin. There must be lessons for us all in here so perhaps we need to get our metaphorical wellies on and get back down to earth!