About a year ago I went to my first poetry slam which was, like few other things in life, a completely new experience. The potential of what or who was coming next was engaging to the point of intoxication and left me wanting more.

So it was with a wry smile that I sat at the back of the evening pitching session organised for the upcoming Idea Transform weekend in Cambridge at the Hidden Rooms and watched as the first brave soul got up in front of 60-odd people and pitched his idea. Momentum grew over the next 40 minutes with pitches from small-scale electricity-generating furnaces through to the opportunity of mapping the unused UK rail network, with pitchers doing their best to convince the audience of the validity of their ideas.

What happened next gave it the poetry slam effect. People who has thought they had gone along to listen started to get up and pitch ideas they had in their heads – some half developed but all full of the spirit of slam. I was almost on the verge of standing up myself but realised that my idea hadn’t even reached the stage where the idea dough could be kneaded never mind put in the oven.

So if you feel like you have an idea that needs airing then sign up for Idea Transform which is being held on the 20-22 April at the Judge Business School in Cambridge.