For all of us who are coaches, mentors, trainers consultants or just plain visual doodlers there is a new product in town (US ones only at the moment) that just does everything you have ever wanted all those electronic gadgets to do but never have.

Called the Noteboard, what it is is an amazingly simple dual-sided, foldable pocket whiteboard.

When unfolded the Noteboard is about the size of 27 postcards but it ingeniously folds back up into a pocket-sized package. In the USA the Noteboard currently costs just $10 and comes with a wearable, glow-in-the-dark (I kid you not) silicone band to keep the whole thing together as well as a black drywipe marker.

So is this a revolution? Has the back of a napkin or a fag-packet finally found its match. Who knows, but the founder, who generously shows readers how to make one of their own on his website, a college drop-out working from his bedroom is about to get them distributed through Amazon.

So in true Raspberry Pi style do comment if you make one or manage to get a real one!