Before I attended the recent TEDxGranta event in Cambridge, as hard as I tried I could not find a negative comment about TEDx anywhere – it seemed like it was a universally accepted and appreciated concept. After the event I had joined the throng to celebrate a simple and simply excellent concept for interested human beings.

For the uninitiated, TED is a series of events that celebrate individuals and ideas across the spectrum of Technology, Entertainment and Design. TED was created in California in 1984 by Richard Saul Wurman, who, by all accounts, is still a relative unknown, but who is in reality an architect, an author of 80 books, creator of the term “information architect” and publisher of the Access Press guidebook series.

In 2002 Wurman sold the TED concept to the private non-profit Sapling Foundation for a reported $14m and went off to create TEDMED. Sapling was itself founded by Chris Anderson who created Future Publishing – a UK publisher of 150 titles mostly the computer games sector.

But I digress…the TEDxGranta theme was Alive and Kicking and featured an eclectic range of talent from Kung Fu to wheelchairs via Wallance and Gromit and Raspberry Pi. With some music, Flack, some Esperanto, a taste of a Chelsea bun and the rebirth of a business from Fitzbillies and plea for engineering to be celebrated, the day was complete – a complete success and a truly inspirational day where ideas were truly spread.