A thought provoking piece about Stephen Wershing, CFP, appears on the financial-planning.com website. Stephen is the creator of ‘The Client-Driven Practice’, in which he proposes ‘Role Reversal, Making Your Clients Your Advisors’.  While the piece is aimed at the financial planning industry, the thrust is arguably relevant to consultants and trusted advisors in any sector. “The heart of The Client-Driven Practice process is engaging clients in directing your strategic plan. The cornerstone of involving clients strategically is the client advisory board.”

“A client advisory board is a representative group of your best clients. The kind of client you want more of. Bringing them together and soliciting their guidance on where they want your practice to go, and acting on that advice, is the most powerful way to deepen relationships, do more business, and receive more and better referrals.”

How do you relate to your clients? Could they inform your strategic plan? Read more here about this approach