In all the doom and gloom about the world economy today I found a bright spot – a place where seemingly you get something for almost absolutely nothing.

Now I have nothing to do with the companies mentioned hereafter but there is currently an offer available to anyone in the UK to register a new company at Companies House for 99p. This allows you to generate a set of standard documents including a Certificate of Incorporation as well as another quite surprising extra.

With each application the system will offer you access to a start-up bank account from Barclays who will, once you have been cleared to have the account provide you with £50 cash back (will wait to see how/if this materialises…).

From deciding to register through to completing the appointments of directors, defining the share capital and subcribers and submitting it all took about 10 minutes. We will wait to see whether it all comes true, but if it does there can hardly be any less red tape involved.

Ah yes the company providing this service is UKplc – no connection to the Government it appears but a good name nonetheless! Will provide updates as it happens.