In a February, 1, 2011 blog, “Building a Fast and Flexible Company”, blogger Greg Stocker, responds to a Wall Street Journal Article that asks whether strategic planning is dead. In his blog, Stocker responds to the question and highlights some of the misconceptions about strategic planning, namely, that the idea of “quick” decision making, ie, flexibility, is at odds with strategic planning “Those who believe that strategic planning is a slow process that does not add value are not doing it correctly. If the process is too slow and is not helping the business grow and succeed, it needs to change.” Stocker goes on to point out, “A company can benefit from continually focusing on speeding up decision-making without sacrificing quality. Improving information systems and training can speed up decision-making without putting the company at risk. If this is what a company needs, though, it will become evident through the planning process.”
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