Last week in a rather unheralded step, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the organisation that manages domain names on the Internet, started accepting applications for new tailored top level domains or TLDs, something that marks the start of the potential full decentralisation of control of domains.

There are currently only 20 TLDs (see if you can think of them if not go here – some will surprise!) alongside all the country domains so we have clearly been under-supplied for way too long.

Just before we all rush off and apply to get our own surnames registered make sure you have some spare cash as each application costs about £120k.

No doubt we will see .apple, .google, .facebook and the like being approved at speed, but I just wondered in this new world of crowdfunding whether there were 120 of us willing to put up £1000 to register our own bit of the future.

Suggestions welcome and I will start taking deposits as soon as the banks open.