Writing in Hotel Industry magazine, Enda Larkin, author of ‘How to Run a Great Hotel’, seeks to demystify the strategic planning process for hoteliers, particularly those in small and medium sized operations.

Writing in part 1 of Demystifying Strategic Planning, Enda says: “If you were driving somewhere you had never been before, you would probably use a map to guide you. Well, you would, if you wanted a hassle-free trip. Without the map, you are more likely to get lost, and even if you don’t, you are certainly leaving things to chance.

The same applies to achieving success in the hotel business which, as you well know, is also a journey of sorts and one with many twists and turns, so having a map to keep things on track is useful. In fact, it’s vital, because getting lost in a car is one thing – losing your way in business life is an altogether more serious prospect.”   Read more here