Features and Benefits

MAPP Start Up has been developed from the knowledge and experience of hundreds of different companies that have already been through the Start-Up process.

Using their insight, you can develop a simple, quick and effective plan using MAPP Start-Up that allows you to stop worrying about how to complete all the standard tasks and lets you get on with the tasks that are specific to your business and which will create most value.

Many entrepreneurs just want to know the answer to the question ‘What do I do first?’. MAPP helps you find out by asking you all the questions you will need to answer as you start out – those answers turn into key steps in you plan.

The unique thing about MAPP is that it doesn’t just leave you there with a plan, it helps you implement it too. By using the MAPP service online you can share your plan, allocate responsibilities to everyone involved and actively track progress making sure you are aware if things start to go wrong.

MAPP:  it isn’t a baffling, unhelpful list of everything you need to do, but a practical, hands-on decision tool, that helps you plan what you are going to do and when you are going to do it.


What Users Say

“MAPP is a great way of structuring your thoughts and ideas into a visual system that’s easy to build and follow.
A great way of thinking about elements of the business that hadn’t occurred to us!”

Steve and Annie Haley – Founders at MultiPie Ltd

“Really helped me streamline, order and prioritise all of the ideas / requirements for the business. Allowed me to pull the jumble of ideas in my head and get them down on MAPP in a way that makes sense to me.”

James Kidd –  Band and Management Team member at Bad News Records

“A very practical and engaging way to realise what’s floating around in our heads. It’s great to be able to visually see in one place our various business ideas.”

Jessica Kemp –  Founder at Frabjous Events

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What You Get In The Box

The MAPP Start-Up set includes:

  • MAPP getting started guide [everything you need to know]
  • MAPP team guide including full instructions
  • MAPP card set including 10 blank cards
  • MAPP planning board
  • MAPP accessories kit

Plus, purchasers of the set receive a free subscription to the MAPP service online. This gives them:

  • Free transcription of their physical MAPP plan to the MAPP service online [users must provide digital photos to enable this to happen; full instructions are provided]
  • 3 months ‘Basic’ MAPP service subscription free of charge [Normally £9.99 per month plus VAT]
  • Access to MAPP store content, including additional free content sets, plus online support

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