I came across an article this week that described the possible release of Google Specs by the end of 2012.

Now for the uninitiated like me, Google Specs (Google Glasses seems to be the actual name) is a project to develop a pair of glasses that are linked to the web, are GPS-enabled and use one or more cameras on the specs to identify stuff you see and then set off a search on Google to find out more.

Sounds like ‘Terminator’ technology come to life and I suspect that the reality may not initially make us all into neo-Schwarzeneggers, but it did set my mind thinking about what effects such an innovation might have on us all.

At a recent pitch event for Idea Transform, I was almost enticed to stand up and pitch an idea that linked Google Specs to Facebook for lonely hearts. The idea was when you spotted someone you liked the look of as you walked down the street, around a supermarket or through the crowds in a club, you could use your specs to search for their face on Facebook, find out whether they were single and ultimately work up the perfect conversation starter.

No doubt there will be loads more ideas like this when they finally come to market but it did throw up two more themes for me as I was dreamimng. Firstly, how new technology can spur a million innovations just by knitting together stuff that already exists, and secondly, with all this data about ourselves readily available and in the cloud, are we ever going to to be able to hide if we want to?

More on this later – but for now I am off to look through some more rose-tinted Google Specs.