Applied Knowledge recently helped out with the delivery of FLUX which is a inter-university business competition held every year to test out students’ creativity and strategic thinking skills.

Moreoever, it aims to help the very same students think more openly about what sort of jobs they could have when they leave education, deeply embedding the idea that they could create their own rather than wait for someone else to offer them one.

FLUX is in it’s seventh year, and this time round was sponsored by NACUE and held at Ravensbourne’s campus (greatest youth-orientated URL ever…) literally sited next to the doors at the O2 and the terminus of London’s new cross-Thames cable car. Ravensbourne is a university sector college validated by City University London and focusses on digital media and design courses from pre-degree to postgraduate and is reported to be the nearest HE institution to Canary Wharf financial hub.

The focus of the competition was to come up with an alternate use for some of the undeveloped land next to the O2, and students were supplied with background data on the future of what’s called the Digital Peninsula, facts and figures about London as a whole and were given a wider challenge related to how to keep spirits up in 2013 when the only major event planned seems to be the Rugby League World Cup!

The results as always were amazing, considering the time the teams had to come up with something appropriate, and varied from a huge 3D cinema to a new outpost of the The Eden Project. Three teams from Plymouth University, the University of East Anglia and Bicton College made it through to the final with Plymouth eventually winning by popular vote.

The event was supported throughout by business people who gave up their time to help the students refine their ideas – if you are interested in doing something similar then look here for lots more opportunities.

So in these days of widespread graduate unemployment, there are at least 200 soon-to-be graduates who are definitely thinking about doing something for themselves.