Some of the details of the new Business Coaching for Growth programme were released today partly through the arrival of the programme’s website which has some of the criteria including the familiar ‘up to 250 employees’ and ‘20% growth ambition’.

The website announces that the programme has ‘assembled’ over 800 experienced coaches and, more ambitiously, offers the promise of a ‘dedicated’ account manager for each eligible company to develop a plan and keep it on track.

Interesting, especially for us, is that they say they will use an assessment process with each company called GROWTHmapper® which is an Oxford Innovation tool that consists of coaching tool modules. See why we find it interesting here!.

The full consortium which is led by Grant Thornton along with PERA, Oxford Innovation and Winning Pitch is supported by regional delivery partners who line up as:

SE: St John’s Innovation Centre, Cambridge and BSK-CiC
SW: Connect2Innovation and GWE Business West
Midlands: Winning Moves
(Not the games company!)
North:Science City York and RTC North

As Applied Knowledge was the company that delivered the Growth Masterclass part of the previous programme in the East of England, we wish the new initiative and all its participants the best of luck. Let’s all hope it can kickstart job creation and economic growth.